People I Know Might See Me Here!

For me, there is beauty in the anonymity of having a blog that few people in my everyday life know about. The majority of people that have read The Non-Writing Writer so far have been strangers, and for me, it is weirdly thrilling that people I’ve never met are intrigued enough by this blog to read anything I write.

On the other hand, for some reason, the thought of my friends, co-workers or extended family reading my blog is weirdly paralyzing. When people ask me what my blog address is, suddenly I feel like I have to go back and read all of my old posts and my About Me page to make sure nothing needs to be changed or edited out because it is too revealing or embarrassing.  And then I have to remind myself that censoring my stuff would be ridiculous, and that I am awesome, or at least I had to think I was at one point or I never would have started this blog to begin with.

I say all of this because today, at the urging of a few close friends and my mother, I finally bit the bullet and posted my blog to my Facebook. So now, all of my friends, co-workers, distant cousins, former boyfriends, and the random people I met drunk at a bar and Facebook friended are now able to read it.

Welcome to my little world. I hope you like the graphic, it took me effing hours to make.

(Check out my first post if you want to see why I started this blog. You’ll notice that I used that effing joke about the graphic there too.)


One thought on “People I Know Might See Me Here!

  1. You are a brave soul!! I’m the same way, my friends don’t know about my blog & if they did I would probably freak out & be more cautious about the things I post in the future. At least I’m not the only one!!

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