Getting The Eff Out of Here!

I’m about to board a flight for London for a vacation with my mother in Europe. If we manage to not kill each other, over the course of the next 2+ weeks we will be visiting London, then Spain, France, Monte Carlo and Italy on a 10-day Mediterranean cruise, followed by four days in Rome.

It has been 2 years since I was last in Europe, and nothing inspires or excites me more than trouncing around centuries-old streets, ancient ruins, and world-class museums with a bottle of delicious beer in hand (because I can!) and I’m PUMPED.

However, I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with the limited internet access I will have over the next few weeks. The cruise ship has wireless internet, but I think it costs something like five grand per 3 minutes of use. So, unless some of the shore excursions we’ve planned include trips to internet cafés, it looks like I’m going to be cut off from the online world for a while.

Actually, come to think of it, this will be the first time in years I’ve had to survive without a smart phone and the internet for an extended period of time. I know, I know, #whitegirlproblems. Maybe it will keep me less distracted and allow me to really experience the awesome places I’m going to. Or, maybe I’ll end up foaming at the mouth, stuck in the fetal position muttering to myself because the lack of communication with the outside world has rendered me catatonic. Who knows?

Anyways, I’m telling you this because, while I plan to do a little writing every night, I’m not sure I will be able to post anything here without it costing me a small fortune.

I know, you’re crushed.

But don’t worry – I’ll be back on the 28th, hopefully with some good stories, a lot of inspiration and tons of booze from duty-free in tow.

Wish me luck.


One thought on “Getting The Eff Out of Here!

  1. I do hope you’re able to chronicle this amazing Euro journey while you’re traveling. I don’t think you’ll have a hard time finding affordable Internet access on the ship. My ex was a cruise director and I’ve done the same cruise you’re about to do and Internet was quite affordable–and that was almost 7 years ago! Then again, it’s important to unplug and re-charge. 🙂 (But, just in case, make sure you’ve got the European outlet converter box for your laptop!)

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