Dear Blog, I didn’t forget about you….

But I have been quite busy lately, mostly with helping my girlfriend pack up and move across the country to Florida after she got an amazing job offer there. We also had the lovely Thanksgiving holiday pass by since I last posted (happily for most I hope!) and I did manage to get a lot of writing done during my week off from work, though it wasn’t for this blog.

Yep, I’ve actually been sitting down at my computer and working on my first draft of my novel. And in the last few weeks, I’ve reforged a few of my personal writing goals because of it. Exciting stuff for me, to be sure, but I won’t bore you with too many details. I will just give you the headlines: It seems that fiction writing is for me. It is what I love and what I really enjoy doing, and it should be my focus.

Forcing myself to try to build a writing “career” to pay the bills while I write fiction was giving me anxiety. As I found myself stressing over what articles to pitch where, writing spec brochures and reading blogs about copywriting when clearly it wasn’t something I  wanted to do, I suddenly snapped my head up and asked myself what I was doing. Why was I wasting time trying to figure out a way to support myself as I write my novel when I already had a job that paid my bills (and then some)? Why did I feel the need to be a “traditional” working writer when I have a career that I love and don’t really want to give up?

I really don’t know the answer to any of that, but I do know how to banish things like unneeded stress when it creeps into my life, as it tends to do when you work as much as I do. I reorganized my priorities and goals and now feel like I’m on a much clearer track – I focus my limited writing time mostly on working on my novel, doing a few writing exercises a week and occasionally updating the NWW blog as I can.

I can’t believe I just abbreviated my blog’s name like that. Am I that person now?

Anyways, I also got a new writing desk that I posted above, and by new I mean it was my dining table until my girlfriend gave me her much nicer table and chairs when she moved. I think it is well suited in its new function, don’t you agree?


2 thoughts on “Dear Blog, I didn’t forget about you….

  1. I like that you’re exploring the conflict of writing for a living vs. writing. I’ve been writing for a living for a year and a half, and you’re right, it does become WORK and I am still left with the same amount of time for creative pursuits. However, it was something I always wanted to do and I never knew if it was possible. It is. 🙂

  2. Doing what you love is never work. Your new set up looks very nice and should be more accommodating for whatever and whenever you decide to write 🙂

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