Where The Hell I’ve Been

It has been some time since my last post, which was pretty much expected on my end as this is the busiest time of the year for me. From January to April, I do a lot of traveling for work, which I really love but admittedly doesn’t leave much time for writing! I find what little time I do have to write, I spend it working on my novel. It isn’t a lot of time though, but 15 minutes here and there do add up over a few months.

I had the pleasure of traveling to San Francisco twice in the last month, a city that I hadn’t been to since I was about 16. I’d either not noticed it before or had forgotten it over time but I absolutely love San Francisco! It has more character than any other city in America, in my opinion. Every city street you walk down (or up!) is unmistakably San Franciscan. The architecture is so unique to the city and the neighborhoods are so distinct that I can’t help but think that if America was a novel and it’s cities the characters, San Francisco would be the most distinct, well-written and three-dimensional one in the entire book.

On my first trip there, I spent my free half day riding a rented bike from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Golden Gate bridge and back, and even though it rained for most of the day, it was a beautiful and memorable ride. And when I returned a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to spend a day leading a b-roll crew around the city to film the most iconic landmarks on an unseasonably sunny day in February. It was a perfect day that culminated in watching the sun set over the city from Twin Peaks overlook.

I am about halfway done with my work travel, at least for this part of the year, and I feel a renewed sense of excitement to get back into writing more and spending more time contributing to this blog. Usually a few months of heavy travel and heavy drinking leaves me with a fresh, new outlook on my writing, even if it is accompanied by a weakened liver and a consistent feeling of jet lag that takes weeks to disappear.

See you all soon!



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