About Me

Hi, I’m Lindsay.

I am 26 years old and I live in West Hollywood, California.

I am a non-writing writer.

Well actually, I’m just a person who likes to write, who harbors dreams of becoming a full time writer and working for herself, who reads books and blogs about writing, who thinks about writing all the time and even plans out all the writing that she wants to do, but doesn’t actually manage to do much real writing. Like, that part where you string words together on paper or in a Word document into sentences, and then into paragraphs, and eventually into a final product that someone would want to read. Whether you call that being a writer or not, it certainly means I have very little to show for all the writer-y stuff I surround myself with and what I believe myself to be.

This blog is about me and what I’m learning as I try to escape the unproductive, writing-less zone I’ve been in for the past several years, and to show that (hopefully!) it can be done. Read the first post to find out more about me and why I started this blog.

When I’m not not writing, I’m meeting strange characters and telling their stories in my (more than) full-time job as a reality TV producer.

You can email me here and follow me on Twitter here.

Fun Facts About Me

I love fun facts.

For my job as a reality TV producer, I travel around the country meeting thousands of interesting people with fascinating stories for several months out of the year.

I live in West Hollywood, what I consider to be the best neighborhood in Los Angeles, except on Halloween and during LA Pride, when all of Weho turns in to one big street party. On those days, it is the best neighborhood in the world.

I am originally from Bedford, Texas, where my favorite restaurant is Pizza Garden, an all-you-can-eat buffet I’ve been going to since I was 8.

In high school, one of my favorite things to do was to drive down the old haunted chicken farm road in my town in the middle of the night with my best friends, looking for ghosts.

I have planked publicly once. It was at LACMA.

My ideal afternoon would be spent sipping beer and eating chips and queso with friends on a patio of a busy Mexican restaurant.

I love to travel and go on adventures. Next year, I hope to hike the Inca trail to see Machu Picchu at sunrise.

I am an anglophile to the MAX. I lived in London for a semester, and I loved it almost as much as I love Alan Rickman‘s voice.

On a related note, I’m a massive Harry Potter nerd. Like, I dress up for shit.

I still drive the same car that I got when I was 16. His name is Enrique, he is red, fiery, and likes other boy cars (yes, he’s gay).

I prefer dive bars to any place I have to dress up and stand in line for.

Nothing makes me feel more alive than doing something for the first time.

At age 14, if you would have told me that I wasn’t going to marry Kobe Bryant I would have slapped you in the face and told you to go to hell.

The same goes for age 12 with Leonardo DiCaprio.

I make lists for everything. I make lists that say “Make a list for tomorrow” on them. And I never do everything on my lists because I always ALWAYS plan to do more than is actually possible.

I wish I was a famous actress, but only because then I can make out with really gorgeous people and not suffer any dramatic consequences afterwards.