Let’s Pretend April and May Didn’t Exist.


……except Coachella. That definitely existed.

Oh wait, I don’t have to pretend, because as far as this blog is concerned, April and May didn’t exist. I was absent, oh so absent, for most of those 2 months. I even avoided visiting my own blog in fear of the guilt I would feel when I looked at the date of the last post. This blog was like that annoying email you have sitting in your inbox from a distant friend you keep meaning to reply to but it keeps getting shuffled to the end of your to-do list, and then chucked out in favor of going for a beer with your friends.

My absence wasn’t really caused by going for too many beers with friends. The last 2 months were, to put it mildly, really full. Full of surprise events and unexpected turns in the road, the kind that are usually dotted over about 6 months or a year but were, for whatever reason the universe had for me, were feverishly packed into 2 months.

I like to say there are some sections of your life that you live a lot more in than others. I lived densely during April and May. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – I believe all of life’s experiences should be embraced as they all impact the person that you are ever evolving to be – but it certainly took a lot of my free time away.

Most of the stuff that happened is personal – far too personal for a blog post – but suffice it to say that the mixture of several surprise events with some not so surprising ones, along with my always hectic work schedule kind of catapulted me into a new phase in life, which I knew deep down I needed to enter but was too chicken shit to take the first step into. I found myself newly single and without a plan – and let me just say that wandering aimlessly in life isn’t something I do well. I tend to be self-destructive and entirely unproductive, drinking too much, partying too hard and then crashing even harder. But luckily, after about a month I pulled myself up, dusted myself off, and did what I always do when I feel like I’m drowning – I make a new plan.

And, the good news is I have plenty to write about.

So I’m back, hungrier than ever for that blank Word document, a free Saturday afternoon, some good movie scores playing in the background and my imagination taking off while I cling to its tail, holding on for dear life.

Let’s go.