I read a lot of blogs, about writing and also about random things that catch my fancy. Here are some blogs and sites that I think are awesome.

Writing Stuff

Aliventures – Probably my favorite writing blog.

The Aspiring TV Writer & Screenwriter Blog – This is what I read when I was first entering into the business. I recommend it to anyone looking to be a TV writer because there are some honest posts about what you can expect when you are first starting out. I still read it, even though I am no longer aiming towards writing for TV.

Confident Writing

Cynsations – Cynthia Leitich Smith’s blog about YA writers and books. She does some great interviews with newly published writers about writing and getting your first novel published.

Freelance Switch – A blog about becoming a working freelance writer.

Inky Girl – Daily diversions for writers

The Bookshelf Muse

The Creative Penn

The Renegade Writer

The Urban Muse

Writerly Life

Write To Done

Writing Forward

Productivity & Happiness

These are two aspects of myself that I’m always trying to improve, and I read a fair amount of stuff on these subjects.

Balance In Me

Dumb Little Man

The Happiness Project – I’m a big fan of both the book, the blog, and the author. Gretchen rules!

Think Simple Now – Clarity like you wouldn’t believe.

Zen Habits – Leo also created Write To Done. There is some great stuff on this site if you’re looking to simplify your life.


Get Rich Slowly

Man Vs. Debt – SPOILER: His financial advice is awesome for women too.

Wise Bread

Random Stuff I Like

MuggleNet – As you may have read in the About Me page, I’m a hardcore Harry Potter fan. I’ve been reading this site regularly since I was a teenager….I’m only a little embarrassed to admit that I still read it as an adult.

1000 Awesome Things – This blog always makes me smile!

Post Secret – Anytime I need a prompt to spur on some creativity, I look at the Sunday Secrets. There is ALWAYS one that is only a few sentences long yet says so much about the person that wrote it. A great resource when you’re working on character backstories.

Psychology Today – It isn’t really a blog, but the articles they post here are always an interesting read. And its always useful for a writer to understand the ridiculous ways in which our brains work.

Friends’ Blogs

The Fleming Files – My lovely former roommate and amazing friend Brigette writes a fabulous blog about her adventures with her boyfriend Mac, a seller of mid-century furniture.

Daily Dose of Simplicity – My friend (and co-worker) Casey doles out small scoops of awesomeness about simplifying your life.

Sadie Lately – Sadie is hilarious, and an amazing photographer. Read her, know her, love her.

The Yale Chapter – One of my friend and former classmate Catherine’s blogs. She is now a grad student at Yale Divinity School!


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