Apartment Porn

In my last post, I broke the news that I’ve moved to New Jersey for 3 months. I also promised photos of my fun new apartment, and due to the resulting overwhelming reader demand (ie my parents and the few close friends that have booked tickets to see me while I’m here) I’m posting them here. Please enjoy Jersey City at (what I’m told is) it’s finest…..

Not bad, right? It is a great home base for all the shenanigans I’ll be up to from now until mid-September. I could use a desk, but that kitchen table will do just fine for diving headfirst into my writing projects, as long as I don’t face the window….with so much to see, I am far too easily distracted.

That last photo was from tonight…..I started to do some peaceful yoga, until my candles set off the fire alarm, scared the hell out of me and completely sent my chakras into disarray. Oh well, I’m too tired for down dog anyways. Off to bed!


I’m a Jersey Girl?

No, I haven’t started wearing a bump it and punching people in bars (though I did back into a parked police car last year….) but I HAVE moved to Jersey City, NJ and I’m here until mid-September for work. In case you don’t know what Jersey is like in the summer (as I didn’t before I came here) it could easily be described as hellish in terms of the weather – it is around 100 degrees and brutally humid. Coming from LA, this is quite an adjustment for me, and my hair.

Downtown Manhattan, taken near the Paulus Hook Ferry Dock – a block from my new front door!

I’ve been here for a little over a week now, and I’m mostly unsure of how I feel about it. I’ve never lived on the East Coast and so far it looks like I will likely spend a ridiculous amount of my time working, even for me, but now that I’m settled (and have located a delightful nearby bar with an amazing beer selection) I think it safe to say that I am ready and almost excited about the adventure!

The Iron Monkey, my new favorite local bar.

I’m living in a lovely apartment building on the 20th floor, which is about 19 floors higher up than I’ve ever lived. I face Southwest, towards LA, and the sunsets are incredible from up here. Despite the corporate housing furniture and the fact that I’m in Jersey (I’ve heard this isn’t something I should admit openly to people I meet in the city) I really love the place. I am a block from the waterfront and I have a view of the Statue of Liberty from my bed. I promise my next post will be full of apartment porn pics!

Anyways, that may explain why I’ve been so MIA. Now that I’m settled in and ready for fun (and newly single!) NYC adventures and a lot of inspired writing, I fully intend on lavishing attention on my poor, lonely NWW blog that has so patiently awaited my return!


View of the Statue of Liberty from my bedroom.